Bulldogs Men’s Basketball Heads to Costa Rica Ahead of 2019 Season

The UMD men's basketball team will play three games in Costa Rica next week.

DULUTH, Minn. – The UMD men’s basketball team is back in Romano Gym this week, getting an early start to the season and some practices in before the team goes to play three games in Costa Rica next week.

The NCAA allows college basketball programs to go on an international trip every four years, but it is still less common for Division II programs to do so. The last time UMD left the country was five years ago when they went to Thunder Bay, Ontario, but before that was 1988 when the Bulldogs went to Seoul, South Korea.

The Bulldogs know how special of an opportunity this is and are looking forward to making the trip and spending time with each other.

“It’s not something that most Division II programs get to do so for us six seniors, the four returners and the two new transfers we have, we know how rare this opportunity is and we’ve got to make the most of it,” senior guard Trevor Entwisle said.

“I think we’re excited to play some real teams instead of playing each other like we have in practice every day, getting good competition in. But we’re excited to have fun, just relax a little too as a team,” senior guard Cody Tomlinson said.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time together off the court, different tours, different excursions, time on the beach. There will be a ton of time for our guys to be together so they’ll be able to make some good memories,” head coach Justin Wieck said.

“The Bulldogs started practices on Sunday and had 10 days to practice together at Romano Gym before heading out to Costa Rica.

While they also plan to have some fun and explore Costa Rica a bit, the Bulldogs are thankful for this early practice time and getting a jump start to the season.

“It helps us be at a little bit of a higher point when we come together next fall. We go through some of the new stuff, going through new drills. Being able to have those three games and these practices here, our guys are getting the chance to really play with each other and see what each other can do,” Wieck added.

The Bulldogs leave for Costa Rica on July 23 and will play games on July 25, 26 and 29.

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