Rock Creek Residents Plan Ahead After Devastating Storms Destroy Their Home

Pine City and Rock Creek, Minnesota were heavily affected by the Summer storms.

ROCK CREEK, Minn. –  Pine Co. residents are taking their next steps after devastating wind and hail storms trampled cars, buildings and homes in the course of just a few hours.

Everyone’s talking about the damage cause by storms that ripped through Pine City, MN, but one household just over city lines in Rock Creek think they’re the ones who really took the fall.

“I haven’t seen anything like this the entire time i lived in Minnesota and that’s my entire life,” Rock Creek resident Shannon Robins said.

The back and side of roommates Shannon Robins and Michael Hughes’ home was destroyed by softball sized hail flying in at almost 90 miles per hour.

“It literally went through the house. And there’s several that came all the way through,” Robins said, gesturing to the side of her house.

Shannon says the sky turned from green to black in 10 minutes. She and Michael had no warning and no time to take cover from the storm.

“I was actually standing here, trying to look out the window when it blasted through. There was a blind here that was closed and that’s what came through and this is the window that hit me,” Robins said.

Michael kept some of the smaller pieces of hail that flew in.

“These are the hail stones that came in the house. I was not able to go outside because they were so bad. These are the ones that actually came inside the house, through the windows and were on the floor that I picked up,” Hughes said.

It’s not just their house that was destroyed. The two have several cars on their lot facing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“Every car has no windows. They completely got busted out for the most part, or if you want to see the front window, you can actually see where each ball of hail hit the window,” Robins said.

Shannon says it would have been nice to have more warning to prepare.

“There’s no tornado sirens in this particular area because we’re so rural, we’re so far from town. So even if they were going off, we didn’t have the warning, we didn’t hear it,” Robins said.

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