Meet the Huskies: Alex Tappen

For this week's segment, we introduce you to the Huskies' outfielder/third baseman from the University of Virginia.

DULUTH, Minn. – Outfielder Alex Tappen just wrapped up his sophomore season at the University of Virginia, a team that’s become a premiere program in Division I over the past two decades.

“They’re a great baseball program and everything the coaches have done there is incredible and that was probably one of the main draws. And also the academic side of it. My parents and I really wanted me to go to a place that had really good academies, really strong academics and UVA pretty much fit the bill for both of those things so I think it was pretty much a no–brainer for me,” Tappen said.

After an extremely strong freshman year, Tappen put together another solid campaign his second season, batting .249 with seven home runs and 59 runs batted in during his two years.

While in Duluth, he’s hoping to continue to have good at-bats.

“Just getting back in the swing of things with at–bats and getting as many reps as I can. Just really focusing on being able to drive the ball for extra base hits,” Tappen said.

And he’s done that so far with the Huskies, hitting his first home run on Friday night and has hit three doubles and one triple in 18 games this season.

“I’m over there in the cage, usually 1 o’clock doing early work trying to get as much work as I can. It really provides you with an environment that fosters growth and the ability to work on what you want to work on and get better,” Tappen added.

And it’s been an easy transition coming to Duluth, as he got to reunite with his college teammate Nic Kent.

“Nic Kent’s a great guy, we got to know each other and get pretty close and then we came up here. It was kind of helpful because I came up here pretty much halfway through the season so he was here to kind of show me the ropes and everything,” Tappen said.

Kent, who led the team in batting average for most of the season and was a N0rthwoods League All-Star, had no trouble helping Tappen out both on and off the field, allowing Tappen to grow the most he can while he’s here.

“You have him and meet everyone that he’s been making friends with and you make friends with them and it just makes it easier getting to know everyone and it was a pretty smooth transition. It was really good getting to meet everyone, meeting new faces, getting new friendships, it was awesome,” Tappen said.

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