Painting Intersections to Slow Drivers Down

Creative Crosswalks tackles reckless driving in the hillside with ground murals.

DULUTH, Minn.- Kids armed with paint brushes are combatting reckless driving at busy intersections throughout Duluth.

Zeitgeist’s Creative Crosswalks program allows families and other community members to paint a Hillside intersection which has received many speeding complaints.

On Sunday they took on East 6th street and 15th Avenue East, the second of four crosswalks on their list.

According to parents in the neighborhood, they look forward to cars seeing the artwork and slowing down.

“Having this art on the street will not only improve the look of it but it may make motorists slow down which is I think the intent,” said Michelle Pierson,” “being a mother of 3 kids in this neighborhood is having people drive a little more slowly.”

This type of road paint should hold up in the rain, organizers said.

The next crosswalk to be painted is East 5th Street and 11th Avenue East on August 6th. You can keep track of the next two crosswalks on Facebook.

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