UW-Superior Alumni Premier Feature Length Documentary About the University

"Outsourced: The New Wisconsin Idea" premiers in Zeitgeist's Zinema 2

DULUTH, Minn.- Two US- Superior alumni finally had the chance to share their passion project with the world in a documentary premier at the Zeitgeist Zinema.

‘Outsourced: The New Wisconsin Idea’ is a feature length film alumni Megan Mcgarvey and Katie Lindow have been working on for almost two years.

The documentary talks about the cuts and suspensions that happened at UWS in 2017 and how it connects to higher education in all the united states.

The women hope the movie becomes a time capsule for the events that happened at the college.

“If the only thing that people get out of this movie is, ‘Oh my gosh, that happened at UWS? That’s crazy!’ then, awesome if that’s it. But if people want to dig deeper and be like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of weird. Let’s look into more what’s going on in the UW system and maybe see what’s going on in higher education in all of the United States,’ then I’ll be so happy,” film director Megan Mcgarvey said.

Following the screening, the girls who produced and directed the documentary held a Q & A panel for anyone who had questions about the events in the film or the process of putting it together.

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