Chance Meeting Leads to Friendship for Boy and Firefighter

No one could have predicted the boy who was saved would have a surprise reunion with that very same firefighter years later.

DULUTH, Minn. – What started off as an emergency call to firefighters and paramedics by a Northland woman with a high risk pregnancy turned into an unlikely friendship years later.

Firefighters often help out on people’s worst days.

So when Sarah Crowell went into labor and needed emergency assistance Duluth firefighter Captain Mark Herman was there.

Though, no one could have predicted the boy who was saved would have a surprise reunion with that very same firefighter years later.

“I like to say that they say it takes a village sometimes to raise a child an sometimes it takes a village to bring one into this world,” said Sarah Crowell, mother to two-and-a-half-year-old Josiah.

Like many other little boys, Josiah loves firetrucks.

When one was recently responding to a call in his neighborhood he wanted to get an up close look.

But, inside that truck was the very man that helped save her son’s life at birth.

“It’s rare that we get to see somebody after we responded to him and find out what happened. We were introduced and it was amazing that this person was 2.5 years old already. It seems we went on him yesterday and he’s already 2.5 years old and healthy and doing great,” said Capt. Mark Herman of the Duluth Fire Department.

Josiah has taken an interest in all things firefighting including learning how to pedal a toy firetruck all while forming a bond with the man who had a part in keeping him alive.

“It’s invaluable that he has these kind of role models in our community. I’m a public servant as well an I just think being to have that example of how you can help support a community what you can give and just what a difference it really makes at the end of the day,” said Sarah Crowell, Josiah’s mother.

Mark Herman considers himself a hometown guy who was grateful for Duluth and how the healthcare system makes his job as a firefighter and paramedic a bit easier.

“I’ve lived in Duluth my whole life and I’ve been a paramedic for 30 years and I worked in Lakeside and grew up in lakeside. So it’s a joy to be able to work in the community you grew up in and have a great healthcare system in our area where we can have beautiful results like this in our own community,” said Herman.

Thanks to Mark and his team, Sarah was able to get to the hospital and deliver Josiah and she wants the community to know that these heroes are there for so much more than just fires.

“We often think about firefighters as people who put out fires but we don’t always think about them as people who really save lives in so many different ways,” said Crowell.

Mark and Josiah are already hitting it off great and enjoy their time together, it is a bond that everyone involved hopes will continue for a long time.


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