Council Candidates Door-Knock Ahead of Primaries

Volunteers take to the doors in their district to talk to voters.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth primary elections are less than a month away on August 13th.

Early voting has been open since June 28th, so some city council candidates and volunteers took advantage of the cool summer evening to get out and knock on some doors.

Volunteers met at the Labor Temple to discuss strategy, scripts and plot which neighborhoods to go to.

Those that have door knocked before said it’s not an easy task, but the reward is worth it.

“It seems a little scary at first because you’re going and just like talking to a bunch of people you don’t necessarily know,” said volunteer Corey Cusick.

“But ultimately it’s, best case scenario you get to have a good conversation with people that are ostensibly your neighbors, worst case scenario you get to go for a nice walk in this beautiful July weather we’re getting.”

Also out in the community were candidates like Theresa O’Halloran-Johnson, running for the 3rd District.

She said she rushes to take advantage of the chance to really connect with the people in her district.

“It’s interesting in the digital age that that one to one person to person contact is still the most important, most effective,” O’Halloran-Johnson said. “All the advertising, all the emails all the phone calls in the world don’t make up for having the one to one conversation with people.”

You can find your polling place through the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website here.

These volunteers will be door-knocking until August 7th, you can find a complete list of dates they’ll be out on their Facebook page.

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