Duluth Woman Charged for Hitting a Child with her SUV

Mary Catherine Trea is charged with felony hit and run.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- A Duluth woman is charged with felony hit and run after leaving the scene where she struck and injured an 11–year–old boy riding a bicycle.

Mary Catherine Trea made her initial appearance in court Monday. This after telling police that she left the scene of the hit and run accident because she felt panicked and scared.

According to the criminal complaint, police arrested Trea after receiving a tip from a witness who connected the red SUV under suspect to a woman who smelled like alcohol and led police to Trea.

Trea was brought in for questioning, where she told police she wasn’t sure she came to a complete stop at the intersection of Hammond Avenue and 12th Street and didn’t see the child on his bike until he was right in front of her SUV.

Trea said when she struck the child, she got out of her car and saw the child walking but then said he laid down and grabbed his wrist.

Trea said she was in shock, got “super scared” and left the scene.

Cassius Carey, the 11–year–old victim in this case was released from the hospital with a concussion but no internal injuries.

Trea’s next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31 at 9:30 a.m.

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