Galveston-Based Seafood Truck Visits Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Getting fresh seafood in the Northland can be tough sometimes.

But one unique truck made its way back to the Northland.

Galveston–based Fabian Seafood has been traveling throughout Minnesota for more than 40 years.

A few times a year the seafood truck parks at Copasetic Lounge in Duluth to sell some of their finest seafood.

And once again crowds of people lined up patiently waiting to get their hands on their favorites before the truck leaves town.

“I’ve been coming here for as long as they have been coming here. I get a good service. I get good count. I always order the shrimp, jumbo shrimp. Occasionally I get a Red Snapper or two, but usually it is just shrimp,” said David

After taking over the the business from his Uncle, Fabian Seafood’s owner says it’s great have the support from Duluth customers every year.

“This is great we love it,” said Jeremy Chamberlin.

“It’s like a Fabian family. They all get on our Facebook, email us, call us. Some of them have gone down to Galveston to see it Uncle Steve,” Chamberlin continues.

Fabian seafood says they typically sell hundreds of pounds of seafood every time they stop in Duluth.

And If you missed out this time, don’t worry the truck will return to Duluth on September 9th.

Click here for more information about Fabian Seafood.

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