Purrfect Film Festival Happening Saturday at Zeitgeist

The New York Cat Film Festival is Happening Saturday, July 27 at Zeitgeist Zinema 2

DULUTH, Minn. – The Cat Film Festival (TM) is an exploration through film of the fascinating felines who share our lives, creating a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains.

Cats have their own unique and indescribable bond with people, even when living independently as community cats.

Event organizers say for far too long, felines have been the “invisible” part of the human-animal bond and it’s time to shine the spotlight on these magnificent creatures and the humans devoted to them.

A portion of every ticket at every destination will go to Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth, bringing community awareness and support for the needs of local kitties.

The New York Cat Film Festival is happening at the Zinema 2 on Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 a.m.

Tickets are $10, all ages are welcome to attend.

Click here to purchase tickets today.

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