Round Man Brewing Company Finds Place as First Brewery in Washburn County

KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBORS: Round Man Brewing Company

SPOONER, Wis.- People out in Spooner, WI may have noticed a newer restaurant getting a bit of attention lately.

Round Man Brewing Co. opened back in the Fall and made it through a surprisingly successful Winter as the only brewery in the city.

But is isn’t just the only brewery in Spooner, it’s the only one in all of Washburn county and a lot of people are talking about it.

“it just absolutely exceeded our expectations from the minute we opened our doors in November,” owner Sue Churchill said.

Sue and Jeff Churchill set their sights on opening a brewery a few years ago. The couple and their three kids owned The Dock Coffee Shop but wanted something more.

“We’ve had a cabin here for about 30 years. We’re originally from Rochester. We moved here four years ago,” Churchill said.

Each family member has their own part in the brewery.

Sue plans events, Blaine brews and bar tends, Spencer is the general manager, Alexandria is the operations manager and Jeff is The Roundman.

“It’s a difficult process to name something. There’s some great names out there but many of them are already taken,” Jeff Churchill said.

The family named the brewery after a nickname Jeff had from college.

“You know, you drink a little beer, you might get a little bit round, so you end up with that round man figure,” Jeff said.

The family brews, but they also serve food-everything from steaks to shrimp.

“I think what really sets us apart is our menu items and what we do with our food here,” Jeff said.

What the family really thinks draws people in, is how they run the place together.

“You know, what’s really cool about it is not only do we work with our family, we all get along very well, we work very good, we all have our strengths that we feed upon from one to the other, but probably what’s the coolest part about that is that our kids followed us here to Spooner to be a part of this project,” Jeff said.

The Roundman says one day they hope to add rooftop seating to the bar. It’s a small goal, but they’re already pretty happy with how things have been going, so they have no idea what to expect for the future.

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