Workforce Struggles With Big Construction Projects Looming

Major construction projects are happening in the coming years, but those workers may not

DULUTH, Minn.- A few major construction projects are slated to begin in the Northland this year, but there may not be enough construction workers in our area to actually do those jobs.

That is why the CareerForce Center in Duluth is holding classes to train workers to fill the large void.

Officials say just in the City of Duluth there is a 0.8% job seekers per vacancy rate, but it doesn’t come from lack of training.

“The current workforce is reaching retirement age. The baby boomers are hitting retirement age so over the next decade or so there is going to be a mass exodus from the labor force and the next generation is smaller and there is fewer people so there isn’t as many people coming in to replace them”, said Elena Foshay, Director of Workforce Development of Duluth.

We will have more from local construction crews on how they are handling the shortage tomorrow.

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