Superior Intersection Painted Green Following Hit and Run

After 11-year-old boy hit and survived, City of Superior changes intersection to slow drivers down.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The City of Superior has implemented safety changes at an intersection on Hammond Avenue after Police say an 11-year-old boy on his bicycle was struck by a driver, who then took off, last Friday.

11-year-old Cassius Carey is out of the hospital, his mother saying he suffered a concussion but no internal injuries. The woman who Superior Police say hit him, Mary Catherine Trea of Duluth, is charged with felony hit and run and is due again in court next Wednesday.

Superior 6th District City Councilor Tylor Elm requested the intersection where the accident took place be painted green, to keep something like this from happening again.

Shortly after the City heard the idea, Public Works crews painted all four stops at the intersection of Hammond and 12th around 5 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Elm said despite the stop signs at the intersection being relatively new, Carey’s story caused him to feel that more safety measures should be in place.

“I’ve been seeing the Facebook posts about the 11-year-old boy getting hit,” Elm said. “And it’s just so disheartening to me to see that even happen ’cause this stop sign was put in not too long ago at the request of Councilor Dalbec to improve safety, to connect these neighborhoods.”

Elm hopes that the green areas will catch drivers’ eyes, so they approach the intersection with more caution to avoid a collision with a car, biker, or pedestrian who may suddenly come out in front of a vehicle.

“The more objects that you drive by, the more things that go by your car, the concept behind that is your car goes slower so where you hit the stop sign here, it’s an object that you see,” he said.

According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), a car travelling 20-25 miles per hour has a 40% less crash risk. If they do collide with someone, the accident is 40% less likely to be fatal than if it involved a car travelling 30-35 miles per hour.

“You take a second look and see what’s going on, y’know?”

This green intersection is the third in the neighborhood, joining another further down Hammond and one at the intersection of Highway 2 and 53.

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