The Struggle To Fill Construction Jobs

With several major projects ahead, finding the right amount of workers could be hard

DULUTH, Minn.- Right now in the Northland, quite a few jobs are hard to fill. One of those industries where hiring is especially tough is construction.

And with several major projects planned in the area, finding enough workers to complete them could be challenging. With that, CareerForce Center in Duluth is holding classes to help train workers to cut into that void.

Even though many different industries have grown around the Northland in recent years, overall population numbers have remained pretty much the same.

Kraus-Anderson is one place looking for construction workers. The company is investing in what is call the ‘Construct Tomorrow’ program trying to attract both new and experienced people for job opportunities.

“To attract people that want to work here and to just improve the strength of the community as a whole that is kind of our responsibility as a corporate employer. We need to give back and show our dedication to the city and frankly to the region”, said Dan Markham, Director of Operations, Kraus-Anderson.

Construction traditionally has been a male dominated workforce, but companies like Kraus-Anderson are hiring both men and women from various backgrounds.

“You can bring anybody in. It doesn’t matter their background, it doesn’t matter how diverse that individual is or that group is, if they come to a work area whether it’s construction or healthcare, it doesn’t matter. If they don’t feel comfortable and belonging and are valued there, they aren’t going to stay”, said Becca Bohlman, Office Manager, Kraus-Anderson.

If you are interested in learning more about these job opportunities at Kraus-Anderson, click here.

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