Worker Shortage Around The Northland

Construction and nursing jobs are at an all time high so local workforce's are coming up with new creative ways to employee new workers

DULUTH, Minn.- There are some career paths in the Northland where the need for employees is at an all time high.

With the need for nurses at an all time high, and large construction projects coming to the Northland, two local workforce’s are doing everything they can to add more employees.

Some may think it is due to the lack of training, or lack of open jobs here in the Northland, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

“The baby boomers are hitting retirement age so over the next decade or so there is going to be a mass exodus from the labor force and the next generation is smaller”, said Elena Foshay, Director of WorkForce Development of Duluth.

Right now Duluth has a 0.8% job seekers per vacancy rate meaning there are more available jobs than total applicants. The need for nurses is especially high at area hospitals, so places like Essentia are being aggressive with recruitment effort.

“Many times nurses when they look for a job, it’s important for their significant other or family member to have job opportunities. It’s not just nursing, it really involves our entire communities”, said Cindy Kent, Chief Nursing Officer at Essentia Health.

But healthcare isn’t the only workforce in need of employees. Many hotels, and restaurants are also looking for more workers.

With several large building projects in the Northland, Kraus-Anderson is digging deep to attract new construction employees by creating a project called ‘Construct Tomorrow’.

“To attract people that want to work here and to just improve the strength of the community as a whole that is kind of our responsibility as a corporate employer. We need to give back and show our dedication to the city and frankly to the region”, Dan Markham, Director of Operations at Kraus-Anderson.

Not only is Kraus-Anderson using that program, the campaign is also taking steps to attract and keep a diverse workforce.

“If they come to a work area whether it’s construction or healthcare, it doesn’t matter. If they don’t feel comfortable and belonging and are valued there, they aren’t going to stay”, said Becca Bohlman, Office Manager at Kraus-Anderson Construction.

For more information, click here for available job opportunities in the construction industry, and here for jobs in the nursing workforce.

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