Duluth International Airport Gets a Spike in Number of Passengers

DULUTH, Minn. – A growing number of passengers are choosing to fly in and out of the Duluth international airport.

Officials recently reported the number of people that have use the airport jumped by more than five percent in the last quarter.

Five percent might not sound like a lot, but in 2018, nearly 50,000 people flew with the Duluth airport between January and March.

During those months this year, that number grew by about 2, 500 people.

“We have a strong economy right now. More businesses are very active. There’s more discretionary trips for vacations and a number of other things, so that allows to bolster passenger numbers. The other thing I think is happening at this airport is the increased competition.”

Airport authorities say competition helped drop fares by nearly ten percent this year.

They also say competition invites the opportunity to add more connections to new destinations.

Some passengers are hopeful for those opportunities because they say the airport is more convenient.

“I like coming to Duluth airport because it’s so small. You can get dropped off right at the door. I fly out about four or five times a year. It’s kind of a change of where I’m from which is Kansas City airport,” said Rachel King.

Airport leadership say they are considering adding direct flights to Denver.

Back in May, American Airlines began operating at four daily non–stop flights to and from Chicago at Duluth International.

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