Plan to Swim or Not to Swim With New Lake Temperature Device in Park Point Beach

New temp and wave monitoring devices help Minnesota Sea Grant scientists get readings to public.

DULUTH, Minn.- New monitoring devices in the waters of Park Point Beach are allowing scientists to tell people how cold or warm the water is before they get to the beach.

A temperature sensor and wave sensor were placed in the water last week for scientists with the Minnesota Sea Grant to measure water temperature and assess the possibility of rip currents.

According to Sea Grant Associate Director of Outreach Jesse Schomberg, don’t be fooled. Just because the weather is hot out of the lake, the water could be anywhere in the 40s to the 80s in the summer.

“Our warmest days are days when we have breezes coming from the South or the West or something and those are the wind conditions that’ll push the warm water out, away from the shore,” Schomberg said. “And when we get an on shore breeze, that usually means for us the temperatures drop, right? It gets a little cooler, we’re getting the breeze off the lake.”

“But that breeze pushes the warm water into the shore here in the summertime and so these are the days when the water might be the warmest.”

Those findings and water temperature will be available, Schomberg said, will be available on the Park Point Beach website.

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