South Korean Students get Regional Perspective on Literature

DULUTH, MN. Tuesday morning the Duluth Folk School hosted 20 students from Seoul, South Korea as they learn real life skills.

It’s all part of a program between UMD and the English Department at the Kyung Hee University in South Korea.

The students also study language and writing, but their main focus is environmental studies and humanities.

This is all to deeper understand American culture from a regional perspective.

“We hope that they get a deeper understanding of American Literature from this part of the United States. So we’re working on them with the literary tradition,” UMD Professor, Dr. Susan Maher says.

“They are teaching us many things. We can learn about literature, linguistics and history. Even about the environmental problems. All of us are really thankful for the professors and doctors. They set up a lot of things for us,” Habin Kim, Kyung Hee University Student says.

The students are a week and a half into their three week trip to Duluth.

They will head back to Korea in the beginning of August.

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