MN DNR Draws $1,000,000 From Metabi Metallics Funds for Permit Violations

DNR Says They Will Pursue Additional Actions as Necessary

NASHWAUK, Minn. – According to a recent press release, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has pulled $1,000,000 of financial assurance funds from Mesabi Metallics Company, LLC to address ongoing permit violations.

The Minnesota DNR says companies must provide the DNR with financial assurance funds as part of obtaining a permit to mine which can be used to correct violations if necessary.

According to officials, in 2018 Mesabi relocated pumps intended to draw water from a pit at its site and supply water to Oxhide Creek. Natural flow to the creek was disrupted and Mesabi failed to resume pumping to Oxhide Creek after the pump relocation.

The DNR says, “On May 23, 2019, the DNR informed Mesabi that it must resume pumping to supply water to Oxhide creek by June 23, 2019 to remedy its permit noncompliance.  Mesabi has failed to resume pumping.”

As a result of the ongoing permit violations the DNR is exercising its authority to draw from the funds and pay the cost to resume pumping to the creek.

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