MN Law Will Soon Ban E-Cigarette and Vape Usage in Public Places

DULUTH, Minn. – A new policy change in Minnesota will soon regulate electronic cigarettes and vapes more like traditional cigarettes.

The change will place a ban on using of these products in most indoor workplaces and public spaces.

Starting August 1st, e–cigarettes and vape use will no longer be allowed in restaurants, bars, and most other indoor public places in Minnesota.

The new ban is part of the Minnesota Clean indoor act which has prohibited the use of tradition cigarettes in public places since 2007.

The policy was enacted to protect the public from the harms of second hand smoking.

And now studies have shown E–Cigs and vapes may contain toxic chemicals that can affect the health of the public.

In recent years, vapes have also become very popular among the teen population.

The American Lung Association is hopeful this ban will help keep the products out of the hands of the young people.

“I think the less you see of a product in public the less you are to use it,” said Health Promotions Manager Amanda Casady.

“For youth by knowing this product is not allowed indoors they might question why and it might deter them,” Casady continues.

More than 30 cities in Minnesota, including Duluth, have already banned vaping from public places.



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