Meet the Huskies: Kyle Jacobsen

For this week's segment, we meet the Huskies' outfielder from Hillsborough Community College.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Huskies’ play as of late has reminded a lot of people of last year’s team. One of those people is outfielder Kyle Jacobsen, who has re–joined the Huskies in the second half of the season after playing in 31 games last year.

“There’s a little bit of de ja vu there. This team is really talented and the guys do get along really well. And I feel like if this team stays together and all the guys are still here until the end, I think this team could make a really good run,” Jacobsen said.

Last season, Jacobsen led the Huskies’ outfield with a .280 batting average and that was after a slow start to the season.

“When I came here last year, it was a pretty rough start for me. I had to figure out how to play in this league in dealing with some the calls that go against me and figuring out how to play here. It helped me out a lot for this year,” said Jacobsen.

And so far, it’s been the exact opposite as the Acworth, Georgia native is hitting well over .400 since re–joining the team two weeks ago.

“The only thing that could have changed is just my thought process and my whole mindset coming into it. I knew that it’s going to be tough and I’m going to fail. I kind of go out there and not worry at all and not be afraid of failing, which I should play every time. But last year it was a little hard for me to do. But so far, I’m trusting myself and having fun,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen added that his renewed focus is due to the fact that he wants to be one of the reasons the Huskies make it back to the Collegiate World Series.

“That would be awesome because I really was upset that I got to miss out on it last year. The only reason I left was because of an injury so I had to treat that and go home. But I was watching every game and really pulling for the guys. I want to be able to do that this year because I got to miss out on it last year and I know a lot of the guys would really appreciate it if they could go as far too,” said Jacobsen.

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