Slow Drivers Clogging Left Lane Could Face Fines

Fine could reach up to more than $100.

DULUTH, Minn. – Have you ever encountered a “slow poke” in the passing lane that just wouldn’t get out of the way?

Well you’re in luck.

You might get some relief from those “slow pokes” thanks to a new Minnesota law.

The “Left Lane” law targets those drivers clogging up what is supposed to be the passing lane by driving too slow.

Beginning on Thursday, vehicles traveling well below the speed limit in the left lane will be required to move to the right lane to allow other cars to pass.

If a motorist is pulled over for slow driving they could face a $50 fine.

But the fine comes with surplus charges, which can make the ticket amount to more than $100.

We caught up with one driver who believes the fine should be more.

“That’s not enough. It should be $250. It should be at least that much because they are in there all the time. Sometimes they are both there and you could never get past any of them,” said John Young.

Law enforcement officials are hopeful the law will help keep traffic flowing, especially in high traffic areas.

“If you think about it, if someone is traveling below the speed limit that could create more of a traffic hazard than if everybody was going below the speed limit but all doing the same speed,” said Public Information Officer Neil Dickenson.

The law isn’t a doorway for drivers to exceed the speed limit.

It is still a violation to go above the posted limit.

Weather is also a concern in Minnesota.

Authorities do not expect give many violations during bad weather.

The “Left Lane” law is a moving violation.

And that means it could impact your driving record and possibly raise your car insurance rates.

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