Knowing Your Neighbors: East End Driving Academy Now Open in Lakeside Neighborhood

East End Driving Academy is Located at 512 North 45th Avenue East in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – When teens start their drivers training course they’re well on their way to legally getting behind the wheel.

But with few options in Duluth to take the required courses, one local man is trying to fill the void.

Before East End Driving Academy, parents in this specific area of the city didn’t have any alternatives to enroll their teens in drivers education courses.

Now, Duluthian Chris Burress is taking is upon himself, and leaving a mark on the community.

“We noticed there was a need for the east side of town to have a driving school of some sort besides community education,” said Burress.

This need prompted Burress to open the only driver training school in East Duluth.

Burress also owns East End Stitch and Screen, and thought it was time for another addition in his store.

“It was a total of a six month process for me,” said Burress.

After getting licensed in early July, the first class took place on July 22 with a total of fifteen teens in attendance, and room for more.

“As the months go on hopefully we keep growing as we go,” said Burress.

With not many other nearby driving education options, Burress had to plan around his family’s┬áproblem.

“We ended up having to rearrange schedules, things like that to get my girlfriends son to the location on time,” said Burress.

So now, he’s making things a little more convenient while also helping others in the neighborhood.

“Whether it’s after school and they could just walk over, or it’s during the summer session right now when they could ride a bicycle or something like that,” said Burress. “A lot of parents have voiced their pleasure when they have called me and talked to me about class times. They are very excited that we are on this side of town.”

The Academy can host a total of 26 students per course.

If you’d like to contact East End Driving Academy, call (218) 606-1017.


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