City Plans for Alternate Cross City Trail During Twin Ports Interchange Project

City and MNDOT met with residents and business owners to discuss which alternate trail is best.

DULUTH, Minn.- City of Duluth crews met with those living near and those using the Cross City Trail to discuss it’s future during the Twin Ports Interchange Project.

That plan to modernize the current infrastructure of the can of worms will cause part of the Cross City Trail to close, from 22nd Avenue to east of Garfield Avenue, for bridge construction and temporary bypass lanes.

So City officials and developers are proposing building an alternate trail in Spring of 2023, before the Interchange Project starts.

“We want to make it as convenient as possible for bicyclists and pedestrians to get through the area while the Cross City Trail is closed,” said Christopher Bower, Senior Engineer at developers Toole Design. “Really the goal with this project is to provide an equivalent level of service that the existing trail provides today.”

“We want to provide that separated comfortable facility.”

Three alternate routes through Lincoln Park were presented at the meeting: First Street, Michigan Street and Superior Street.

Each option would rejoin the existing Cross City Trail at 22nd Avenue West.

City Engineers said the most convenient and least intrusive option is Superior Street.

“I personally like Superior Street,” City Engineer Cindy Voight said. “Because it’s the most direct route, has access to the businesses, and it doesn’t have any grade changes and it has the least amount of parking removal.”

Proposed road changes include adding a two-way bike lane and either parallel or diagonal parking, which Bower said will fit within the existing boundaries of the road so they won’t have to tear the surface up to make deeper changes.

Another community meeting will take place at 7:30 Thursday morning, before identifying a preferred route.

Then they will develop a cost system for that route so they can go back to the city for funding.

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