Duluth Animal Shelter Overcrowded with Cats

Donations for blankets, toys, and money to help spay or neuter animals are always welcome.

DULUTH, Minn. – Summer is normally a busy time for The Duluth Animal Control Shelter to take in stray animals.

But this time around it’s a little bit busier.

The shelter is at its capacity due to an overflow of cats.

And now they are on the hunt to find forever homes for these furry friends.

The cages at the Duluth animal shelter are packed with more than 50 cats and kittens still in need of a home.

The Duluth Animal shelter is hoping the community will open their hearts and welcome these pets into their household.

Some cats are strays while others are waiting for their owners to come forward.

Animal shelter officials say they can’t pinpoint exactly why there is an overflow of cats.

But there are a few possible reasons.

“I think the Cloquet shelter closing is a lot of it because they had many cats they could house. Also maybe the population of cats is growing now because people tend not to spay and neuter,” said Animal Control Officer Kelly Higbee.

Typically the shelter works with Animal Allies to handle the adoptions of animals, but they don’t have any more room to take these cats.

Adoption fees at the Duluth Animal Shelter are $129 for males and $139 for females.

Fees will cover the cost for spay or neutering plus additional vaccinations and a microchip.

Also some feral cats can be adopted at a lower cost to be used as “working cats” in barns.

There are no special requirements to adopt the cats.

The shelter will conduct an interview to ensure the animals are going to a good home.

Monetary and toy donations are welcome any time.

Call 218-723-3259 if you are interested in adopting or for more information about donating.


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