St. Luke’s Partners With St. Scholastica Hosting Scrub Class For Medical Students

Students from St. Scholastica got training needed for the intimidating situation the operating room is

DULUTH, Minn.- St. Luke’s has partnered with St. Scholastica to offer a scrub class for students wanting to become a Physician Assistant.

The fifteen students getting the training today were shown how to properly scrub, gown, and put gloves on before a procedure. Then, students got their chance to scrub in and even practice the sterilization techniques.

Those putting on the even say the lessons learned today are invaluable.

“You need the experience of being in the operating room which is very stressful. So it’s important that they get that, and they are aware of what it means to be sterile and what things you can touch and can’t touch”, said Dave LaBore, Physician Assistant at the Wound Clinic at St. Luke’s

Organizers from the event said the hands on class also helps students improve their confidence especially when it comes to being exposed to a very intimidating situation.

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