Duluth Bowling Alley Getting Multi-Million Dollar Renovations To Become Entertainment Center


Skyline Lanes and Volleyball is no more, as it undergoes a full multi-million dollar remodel and rebranding to become Skyline Social and Games.

The general manager says Skyline will be adding new games, entertainment, and even more unique bowling lanes.

He said the space will have a more industrial and modern look to it to appeal to younger adults, while still making it family friendly too.

The general manager said this won’t be your basic bowling alley anymore, as it transforms into a six thousand square-foot entertainment center.

“Right now it’s a little early to talk about some of the new attractions we’re bringing in but we’re excited to be bringing in two new attractions, entertainment attractions, activities that you are doing that Minnesota has never seen,” Corey Kloquist, the general manager, said. “So we went basically around the U.S., looked around and kind of found some unique concepts that are doing well in other markets, and are excited to bring them back here to Duluth.”

Skyline is also changing their food and drink menus, and tripling the size of their bar and restaurant area.

Skyline will reopen around mid-September.

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