Northwoods League Penalizes Huskies, Removes Five Wins for Roster Violation

The Huskies dropped from first to third place in the Great Plains East division for the second half.

DULUTH, Minn. -The Northwoods League announced on Saturday morning that the Duluth Huskies violated a roster rule, which has changed their second half record and the Great Plains East Division Standings.

The Huskies had their last five wins removed, but the wins will not change to loses. All other statistics will be the same, except for wins loses and saves for the pitchers involved.

The five wins that were changed are the games against Waterloo July 28 and the doubleheader on July 29, and the games against Eau Claire the past two nights.

After Saturday’s loss to Thunder Bay, the Huskies are now 13–11, dropped from first to third in the standings and sit a game and a half behind the Express.

We reached out to the Duluth Huskies and they responded to FOX 21 with an official statement that reads, “At this time, our front office is reviewing the situation and we have no further comment.”

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