Athletes Swimming into 33rd Brewhouse Triathlon

Adults and children all ages participated in the race on Sunday.

GNESEN, Minn. – Triathletes swam their way into the 33rd Annual Brewhouse Triathlon sponsored by Fitger’s Brewhouse at Island Lake on Sunday.

Adults and children alike participated in the race on Sunday.

According to one of the race directors, who has raced in all 33 years of the event, it is about so much more than winning.

“We have over 300 athletes of all abilities who come out and do a race where they just “tri” to do something really unique and they challenge themselves to do something more,” said Matt Evans, the co-race director.

Many racers were participating in their first triathlon which is always an exciting thing for Evans.

“One of my greatest joys is actually seeing people do something they never thought they could do before and I think everyone putting a challenge out there like that and then seeing them accomplish that that’s a great thing to see so if you’re ever in the neighborhood come out and watch one of these things and you might get that bug to come out and do it yourself,” said Evans.

Newly crowned triathlete Thad Beech-Dziuk just celebrated his 60th birthday ran his first ever triathlon on Sunday in front of his children and grandchildren but he says he is not quite  ready to use the title triathlete for himself just yet.

“It’ll be a week or so I suppose before I think of myself in those terms and right now I’m glad that an thankful that at my age I can still get out and do things like this and enjoy life,” said Beech-Dziuk.

After all the adult racers completed the course, kids ages 5-14 participated in the Rootbeer Triathlon.

It is a shorter course so kids, many of whose parents raced the adult event, can get a taste of the glory themselves.

“The concepts that we try to teach our children is it’s better caught than taught and this is one way that we do it we have great weather out here we have a lot of great events to do in Minnesota and so we race together as a family,” said Brandon Law.

Law and his wife both ran the triathlon on Sunday and their son, Monty, participated in the Rootbeer kids triathlon and even won last year.

“My parents are athletes and they are good teachers. I won a 6 and I beat 7 year olds,” said Monty.

The kids all lined the course earlier in the day looking up to the adults.

19-year-old triathlete Grace Witt understands how important it is to be a role model.

“It is a very great responsibility one that I love that they do look up and that they have a love for the sport itself,” said Witt who is from Green Bay.


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