20 AmeriCorps Tutors Sworn In For New School Year

On Monday, AmeriCorps hosted its kick-off day where 20 math and reading tutors pledged to serve students in Duluth for the upcoming school year.

According to the organization, one in three children in Minnesota have reading skills below their grade level, and 40% of Minnesota students in 8th grade struggle with math.

AmeriCorps tutors work at Duluth-area schools with students ranging from pre-school to middle school during class.

One returning literary tutor said she worked with kids in schools who needed help catching up to their grade’s reading level.

“Until third grade, you’re learning to read, and afterwards you’re reading to learn and so if you are behind after third grade, it’s a real struggle to be able to read with your peers,” Lara Montgomery, a literary tutor said. “So we just do a really big push to try to get kids to that reading level at third grade so that they can have a successful future.”

Monday’s pledge ceremony was held at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Some returning tutors were also recognized for their dedication during the ceremony.