Duluth’s Art Community Gears up for Annual Art Supply Drive

DULUTH, Minn.-Students aren’t the only ones headed back to school.

As teachers get ready for the upcoming school year, the art faculty must prepare how they will divide their curriculum.

Art supplies get more and more expensive through the grade levels, and sometimes teachers have to dip in their own pockets.

So the Downtown Duluth Arts Collective along with Art for Ed’s Sake are putting on their second annual art supply drive this Thursday.

This is all in an effort to make sure each teacher can have the supplies they need.

“We kind of new as artists, as gallery owners, as people who are working in these creative businesses and organizations, that this is hard for teachers to make that work and educate their students the way they want to,” Downtown Duluth Arts Collective Co-Chair, Amanda Hunter says.

“This is a once a year event that we do. It’s a month long drive, but we culminate it at the end of our arts walk for that month. It’s a great way for the community to get involved in the art drive,” Lizards Art Gallery Owner, Jeff Schmidt says.

Last year the drive raised over five-hundred dollars, and organizers hope to top it this year.

All of the proceeds go towards Duluth Public School art students.

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