Valuables Can Leave Your Car at Risk for Prowlers

"You often hear it happens to other people but your never think it will happen to you," said John Fillmore.

DULUTH, Minn. – Prowling can happen anywhere and anytime.

Leaving your any type of valuables in your car can seriously put it at risk.

Your car can sometimes feel like your home away from home.

It is often very easy to keep items in your vehicle assuming everything will be there when you return.

Keeping items like a purse or wallet, electronics, and even coins creates an open invitation for prowlers

“You often hear it happens to other people but your never think it will happen to you,” said John Fillmore. “You got to keep stuff hidden away. They can come and check it out but you need to do what you can a head of time to make sure they don’t see something they want to get.”

Duluth police hasn’t seen a spike in prowling or break–ins lately.

But they have recognized a pattern of prowling being more popular during the warmer months.

The criminal act can happen anywhere in the city but authorities say there are areas where it can most likely occur.

“Certainly downtown is concentrated. Some of the more higher densely populated neighborhoods just because like  its a crime of opportunity. The more cars, the bigger pay out,” said Duluth Police Public Information Officer Ingrid Hornibrook.

It is recommended to keep your doors locked and windows rolled up.

Also park in well–lit areas when you are going around town.

Duluth Police is also urging folks if they see something to call 911.


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