Hepatitis-A Virus Breaks Out in St. Louis County

St. Louis county is one of nine counties affected by a Hepatitis-A breakout in Minnesota.

DULUTH, Minn.- Minnesota health officials have confirmed the outbreak of Hepatitis-A in 9 counties across Minnesota including st. Louis county.

Hepatitis-A is a virus that affects the liver.

Medical professionals at St. Luke’s hospital say it’s usually contracted orally. People can get it by eating foods contaminated by the virus in unsanitary areas.

Those most at risk are people without stable housing or who regularly inject IV drugs.

“Most people are not at risk of getting Hepatitis-A as long as we all practice good hygiene and vaccinate our kids, the risk of contracting hepatitis a is quite low,” St. Luke’s infectious disease physician Dr. Andrew Thompson said.

It takes up to 4 weeks for symptoms to appear after exposure to Hepatitis-A.

The most common thing to watch for is jaundice, when the skin turns yellow.

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