U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits UW-Superior

Baldwin got to check out a unique research hub that is protecting Lake Superior from invasive species

SUPERIOR, Wis.- U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin was in Superior today checking out how a unique research hub is working to protect Lake Superior from invasive species.

Senator Baldwin told us that she has a strong bipartisan agreement just introduced in place to re-authorize the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative beginning in 2021 raising the funding from $300 million to $475 million a year.

During her visit senator Baldwin got a firsthand look at just how those funds will be used, by taking a tour of the only fresh water ballast research center in the United States at the Lake Superior Research Institute.

Ships that come into Lake Superior each day have ballast water which helps them stay balanced, eventually that water is discharged however which could contain invasive species in it.

Baldwin said the research being done in Superior will help stop that from happening.

“The idea that they are testing things that could be aboard ships in the months or years to come actually solving these problems and in cross invasive species. Not just one technology for each one, but for something that could work across the whole set of threats that face our Great Lakes”, said Baldwin.

Those involved with conducting this research on a daily basis, say this type of experiment is unique in its own way.

“It’s like a real–world living experiment. You often think about experiments being based in laboratories or out in the field but having something of this magnitude allows us to address the applied questions from the industry”, said Matt TenEyck, Director of UW-Superior Lake Superior Research Institute.

Once Baldwin wrapped up her day at the testing facility, she then canoed the Brule River with members of Trout Unlimited and others to highlight Wisconsin’s conservation efforts.

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