Ironwood Issues Precautionary Notice due to Elevated Manganese Levels in Water

For More Information About Manganese and Your Health, Please Contact WUPHD at 906-482-7382

IRONWOOD, Mich. – The City of Ironwood has issued a Precautionary Notice to residents of Ironwood and Hurley regarding elevated manganese levels in drinking water.

According to officials, they are working with the Michigan Department of Health and Humans Services to investigate potential manganese levels in homes.

The city says they currently meet all health advisory limits for manganese, but independently tested samples from city wells tested between 102 and 520 parts per billion and levels leaving the City’s water plant was 280 parts per billion.

The EPA Health Advisory Level for children less than 12 months old is 300 ppb and for adults is 1,000 ppb.

Due to these elevated levels the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department will be conducting additional testing.

As a precaution the City of Ironwood will be providing bottled water for families with infants 12 months and under until further notice. The city says bottled water can be picked up at the Ironwood Public Safety Office located at 123 West McLeod Avenue Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The city advises resident to not boil the water as that does not remove manganese and may actually increase the amount.

Adults and children can still bathe and shower, brush their teeth, and wash clothes, foods, and dishes in tap water. Children over 12 months can use tap water for drinking.

For more information about manganese and your health, please contact WUPHD at 906-482-7382 or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at 800-648-6942.

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