Viking Ship Comes Back to Duluth for Festival of Sail

Decades old ship restored and back on display this weekend.

DULUTH, Minn.- This weekend’s Festival of Sail is bringing an old Duluth resident out of storage.

The Leif Erickson Viking Ship will be out on display in the parking lot behind Grandma’s after being fully restored, and sitting in storage.

“The ship sailed through the ship canal back in 1927 and it’s been a part of Duluth’s history,” said Neill Atkins, Co-Chair of the Leif Erickson Viking Ship Restoration. “It’s basically an antique.”

“Bring it on over here, set it up, take the shrink wrap off and put the shields on and a couple other attachments and show what she looks like.”

After securing funds for restoration which cost $200,000-$300,000, the restoration team is looking for a place to permanently display the ship.

The Festival of Sail begins this Sunday.

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