Walmart Removes Images of Violence in Stores, but Will Still Sell Guns

There is no Change to the Company's Policy Regarding gun Sales

(AP Photo, File)

(AP) – Walmart is removing from all of its stores signs, displays or videos that depict violence following a mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas, store that killed 22 people.

The retailer instructed employees in an internal memo to remove any marketing material, turn off or unplug video game consoles that show violent games, and to make sure that no violence is depicted on screens in its electronics departments. Employees were also ordered to turn off hunting season videos in the sporting goods department.

Walmart spokeswoman Tara House said Friday that Walmart is taking the actions, “out of respect for the incidents of the past week.”

No videos or video games that depict violence will be removed from shelves and there is no change in the company’s policy regarding gun sales.

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