Experience the Superior Street Reconstruction Walking Tour

Tours are Given by The Duluth Experience, Paid for by the City of Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s not every day you have the chance to take a tour of a construction site in the heart of a city.

The Duluth Experience is teaming up with the City of Duluth during reconstruction of Superior Street to provide locals and tourists an up close and personal view of history in the making.

“They enjoy all the surprises,” said Kyle Chisholm, City Tour Program Coordinator for The Duluth Experience.

This simple love for history is helping dozens of folks feel better about construction cones and detours.

“For me, it’s been a great process to learn more about the history of Duluth and how stories I once knew actually tie into reconstruction now,” said Chisholm.

Decades of memories in the Zenith City, continuing to be unearthed and reconstructed.

“Last year they found some interesting ones on the Western end. They found some old trolley lines from when Duluth had an extensive streetcar network,” said Chisholm.

In 2019, construction spans from Lake Avenue to 4th Avenue East.

“This particular tour, I’d say you have a greater amount of residents taking the tour because they’re interested in how the road is changing.”

Chisholm gives these walking tours twice a month. He spends countless hours combing through archives, newspapers, and chatting with longtime locals before providing the experience to guests.

“Down here when we’re studying the buildings we find that maybe you even have some connection to local and national history,” said Chisholm.

“Coworkers and I decided to take this tour because we’re interested in the history of Duluth,” said Duluthian Christa Nordheim.

“I’m interested in just learning more about the inside scoop, the details of what we drive and walk by every day,” said Nordheim.

She’s taking the touristic opportunity to learn about her city and share the knowledge with others.

“We’ve been working down here for a long time and are curious of the backstory of a lot of these old buildings,” said Nordheim.

These buildings are now housing thriving businesses who rely on continued support as the next chapter of Superior Street history is poured block by block.

“On any of our tours we remind people that even though you can’t come down with a vehicle, the way is open for pedestrians. Enjoy the architecture and history, but also visit the local artisans and businesses that keep this part of the city vibrant and the way it is,” said Chisholm.

The Duluth Experience will host their next reconstruction walking tour Monday, August 19.

Click here if you’d like to register.

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