Police Arrest Serial Bike Thief After Undercover Operation

A 29-year-old Duluth man is arrested for stealing and selling stolen bikes.

DULUTH, Minn.- Several stolen bicycles are on the way back to their original owners after a so–called serial bike thief was arrested for illegally selling them in Duluth.

29–year–old Kieth bosh of Duluth is facing a felony charge for stealing and selling stolen bikes.

Police were tipped off that he was selling bikes illegally on FaceBook Marketplace, bikes worth anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars- money investigators believe he was using for drugs.

“We purchased 4 bikes from this individual, and after the fourth one we arrested the person and executed a search warrant,” Lt. Jeffrey Kazel with the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force said.

The Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force conducted the sting

They recovered 5 more stolen bikes from a residence on the 2800 block of West 1st Street after Boshey’s arrest.

“People leave their bikes laying around, a lot of people don’t lock their bikes up, so it’s and easy way to get money,” Lt. Kazel said.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent your bike from being stolen in the first place. Using a lock is just one option.

“Locks are for honest people, but they do work,” Continental Ski & Bike assistant manager Josh Kowaleski said.

Over at Continental Ski & Bike, workers say if someone really wants to steal your bike, a lock alone won’t stop them.

“If you can keep it in a well–lit area that’s great, high traffic area is great, somewhere where there’s a lot of eyes on it,” Kowaleski said.

And you can even register your bike online for police to keep track of it.

“When you register is, we get a serial number, we get a description of the bike, we know where it is. It makes it easier for us to track things down,” Lt. Kazel said.

To resister your bike with the Duluth Police Department, call (218) 730-5444 or click here.

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