Ride a Water Car at Pier B Resort

Amphibious automobile astonishes guests at Pier B.

DULUTH, Minn.- While the Tall Ships dazzle crowds in Canal Park, another watercraft is attracting some eyes at Pier B Resort.

The resort now offers promotional rides in a water car.

It looks like a jeep, goes about 80 mph on land, and 45 mph in the water. Giving guests another look at all that’s going the lake.

“Y’know what keeps tourists and guests coming back is new adventures, new experiences, and you look at Tall ships and the great things they bring to the community and the attraction value,” said Sandy Hoff, president of the real estate company F.I. Salter.

“Well the water car’s the same. People absolutely love it.”

The water car will remain at Pier B, Hoff said, indefinitely.

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