Flammable Vapor Causes Explosion in West Duluth

A vapor from an adhesive remover caused the explosion on Duluth's West End Monday afternoon

DULUTH, Minn.- A flammable vapor caused an explosion on the West End of Duluth Monday afternoon.

Duluth Fire officials say the vapors from an adhesive remover that’s used in construction or cleaning products ignited a flash fire that caused an explosion on Grand Avenue.

A man was using the adhesive remover while refurbishing a building that used to be a dentist’s office.

The explosion blew out a wall in the building and also caused minimal damage to the juice business next door called ‘Shake It’.

Shake It had to close down it’s drive thru the rest of the day until the area was cleaned up. Owner of Shake It says the explosion was something she’s never felt before.

“When the explosion happened I was in the back room but I thought like cars were hitting the building or there was an earthquake in Duluth because it was super loud and the building shook and it was scary”, said Tayna Templer.

The only injury from the explosion happened to the man who was using the adhesive remover and suffered a minor hand injury.

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