Halloween May Not Be the Same For the Chester Park Neighborhood

More than 50 bags of candy was used to give to the neally one thousand kids that visit the cemetary.

DULUTH, Minn. – We are than two months away until Halloween, but this year may not be the same for the Chester Park neighborhood.

The Haunted Cemetery, which is one of the largest neighborhood Halloween displays in the area, may soon come to end.

The creator, Tom Grier, has been putting on the display for more than 30 years and has hundreds of props.

But now he is hoping to sell all the props to someone in the community, so they can take over.

Las year, Grier was in two accidents where he was unable to walk for months.

Even though he is now in better health, he can no longer put on such an extravagant display.

“I just can’t do it physically. I would have to depend on a lot of other people to do that,” said Tom Grier. “It’s very hard to give that up.”

Grier says nearly 1,000 kids would visit the haunted cemetery in the four hours the display was open during Halloween.

You can contact Grier by e-mail at tomgrier@gmail.com or call him at (218) 728-3914.

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