Landless Farmers Looking for Permanent Home

WRIGHT, Minn. – A unique farm has set up shop west of Prairie Lake in Wright, Minnesota.

What makes this farm so special is that its business has traveled all over the Carlton County area.

“I just fell in love with it. Love growing food for people. Love the community that we’ve built around growing them their food,” CSA Farmer, Heather-Marie Bloom says.

Bloom is the founder of Rising Phoenix Community Farm, which is a community supported agriculture farm where people pay and order their vegetables ahead of time.

“It’s a shared risk kind of relationship with the farmer.”

It all started back in 2011, when Bloom and her father built a small, portable house.

They moved it from place to place, allowing her to lease and farm on different plots of land.

However, none of the land is cultivated for Bloom, and her partner John Hatcher to farm.

“So how it looks beyond the fence is what this all looked like right here.”

So Bloom has crews come out with their tractors to help get the field ready to plant their crops.

“Last year I wasn’t able to do a farm stand because we were so busy setting up in a new location.”

After moving and leasing land five different times since she started, Bloom has encountered quite a few obstacles.

“There’s some things that we just can’t do quite yet.”

Yet the sense of community, and love for growing fresh produce keeps Bloom and Hatcher going strong.

“You can tell people in this community are really appreciative of being able to find a place nearby where they can buy fresh vegetables on a weekly basis,” UMD Professor, John Hatcher says.

The farmers are now looking for a more sustainable solution within the next year.

“We’ll move the tiny house hopefully one last time and yeah, be permanent farmers then,” Bloom says.

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