Street Performers Bring the Festival of Sail Alive

DULUTH, Minn- At The Festival of Sail, it’s not just the tall ships that make this event a big deal, but it’s also the street performers that help bring it alive.

Each tall ship, fascinating in its own right, also has an incredible story behind it.

And by wandering on board visitors can help paint a picture in their minds.

“I like to go on the ships because there is on didn’t not allow tour before and this year is the first year. So it was cool to be the first year and I was here to go on it,” said Taylor Wilcox

But it’s the Pirates, tiny captains, and even mermaids that help tell that story.

“It’s a real privilege for us to come and talk to these people. Tell them the age of sail. We play games, hangman games, where all the phrases are common phrases that we use today. But they are phrases that originated on board these ships,” said street performer “Scurvy”

The combination of tall ships and performers can really give an exciting experience for all the festival–goers.

The festival of Sail may be wrapping up, but some ships will lift anchor tomorrow.

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