Tagging Butterflies at Hartley Nature Center

Members event at Nature Center tag butterflies before migration.

DULUTH, Minn.- Families who are members at Hartley Nature Center got a chance to send off monarch butterflies with something to help researchers.

The Nature Center hosted a volunteer butterfly tagging event.

Kids, parents and others gathered in the Center’s garden to learn about monarchs and milkweed.

Then they tagged monarch butterflies before they migrate to Mexico where researchers can use the tag to log info about each butterfly online.

“The idea is that these monarchs that are emerging right now as adult butterflies are going to be the butterflies that migrate all the way to Mexico,” said Family Educator Joy Trumbull-Dunham.

“Without that, without the tagging program we wouldn’t know really what happens to them, how far they make it, which butterflies go where and their migration paths.”

You can learn about future butterfly-tagging events by calling the Hartley Nature Center.

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