Car Show Kicks Off Hog Head Festival

Downtown Proctor kicked off it's week long festival dedicated to its railroad history Wednesday

PROCTOR, Minn.- Downtown Proctor kicked off it’s week-long festival Wednesday dedicated to its railroad history.

The Powerhouse Car Show kicked things off as vintage and classic cars from all eras and places around the Midwest filled the streets of downtown Proctor.

A volunteer tells us that it is more than just a car show, that it’s a place to hangout with friends and enjoy everything about the show.

“I think it means a lot to the people in the area. We get maybe a thousand people that are walking the streets and they come down and it’s a week day and night they can come down and have a beverage or pop or whatever and walk around and enjoy the weather and look at old cars and listen to old music”, said Dick Kari, Car Show Volunteer.

Hog Head Festival runs until Saturday. Click here for a list of events throughout the week.

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