Helping Elderly Prevent Falls at Superior YMCA

Dove Home Health Professionals hosts Fall Prevention Classes.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Falling is the leading cause of death from injury in individuals 65 and older. If a senior citizen falls once, their chances of falling again are doubled.

Senior citizens are invited to the Superior YMCA to help change that.

Dove Home Health Professionals hosted the first part of their three-part Fall Prevention series, called “The Truth About Falling.”

According to Dove staff, falling hospitalizes 800,000 elderly adults each year, which equals 2 million ER visits.

Falling, they say, can lead to other complications which manifest much later.

“Usually a fall is a warning for something,” said Client Relations Specialist Cindy Hedlund. “So something like you maybe have heart problems or things like that so it’s the precursor to that.”

“And we recommend that when you fall you tell your family members or you notify the doctor.”

The Fall Prevention series continues next week, with Part 2: “I Do Not Want to Fall.”

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