Local Animal Celebrities Get Special Send-Off

DULUTH, MN- “It’s pretty crazy because this is not what we do professionally,” Biscuit and Gravy Promotions, Sheila Wixo says.

She and her husband, Darrin Wixo are heading to the 30th annual Ox Cart Days parade on Saturday in Crookston, Minnesota.

They aren’t going alone.

“They know log splitters, they know the sound of tractors and stuff going by them. This is all different for them in the city so that’s kinda what we’re getting them acclimated to in case they do another parade or something,” Biscuit and Gravy Owner, Darrin Wixo says.

After never having a team of oxen lead their festival parade, the community oriented event has now found a match.

“This is kind of a big deal for Biscuit and Gravy to lead their parade in Crookston,” Sheila Wixo says.

The Oxen aren’t just for show, after devastating summer storms caused a lot of damage on their property over the past few years.

“It looked like a war zone on our 16-acre property.”

The Wixo’s had a massive cleanup project on their hands.

“We probably had within the 2016-2017 storms, probably at least 300 large trees.”

Darrin found a clean-up solution courtesy of his brother, who raises steer in Western Minnesota.

“I said I wanted two steers to train up as ox and we went and got them in September. They were born in May of 2017 and we picked them up in September,” Darrin Wixo says.

Now, after all their hard work moving downed trees, Biscuit and Gravy can enjoy a little down time with their fans before hitting the road for Crookston together.

“There aren’t many teams of ox, you know, that are as good looking as Biscuit and Gravy too,” Sheila Wixo says.

For more information on Biscuit and Gravy, and other events the Wixo’s are putting on, check out their Facebook page here: Ox Rock



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