Solar Garden to be Added in Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Ecolibrium3 received a $50,000 grant Friday to help those who face problems when paying for their energy needs

DULUTH, Minn.- A community solar garden will soon be coming to the Lincoln Park neighborhood thanks to a $50,000 grant being given to a local non-profit.

The group Ecolibrium3 which works to create renewable energy programs while also helping the poverty stricken has been honored with the CommunityWINS grant that will help approximately five hundred families.

The grant will be used to help families who are facing a crisis when it comes to the costs associated with paying for their energy needs. That will include providing an energy source to transitional housing units that will be provided to homeless veterans.

“Not only are we creating clean energy but we are helping with the revitalization of the Lincoln Park neighborhood and at the same time helping families in need”, said Jodi Slick, Founder/CEO of Ecolibrium3.

The solar garden will be located near the M and H gas station in West Duluth near Michigan Street. Leadership from the programs says with its high visibility, the program should be an inspiration to Northlanders.

“So what’s neat about this is it’s scaled down enough that it is going to be literally placed within a city that is highly visible and a city corridor that is highly visible but it’s also going to produce enough energy. It’s not so small that it’s not doing anything”, said Duluth Mayor Emily Larson.

Something also unique about these solar panels is that they will have local art and images of the history of the Northland on them.

Organizers say they are expecting the solar part of this project to go up this fall, and are expecting to start collecting energy to power the community by the end of this year.

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