100 Years of YMCA Camp Lake Nebagamon

YMCA holds event for old campers to reminisce about their days in summer camp.

LAKE NEBAGAMON, Wis.- Summer camp, for many, is the highlight of the season, holding many fond memories.

YMCA Camp Lake Nebagamon has been doing that for 100 years.

“100 years is, it’s a huge amazing milestone, but it’s not our last,” said Camp Director Rachel Eisenmann.

The one spot amid the trees by the lake carries with it a century of memories.

“Y’know each camper has their own story,” said Superior Douglas County Family YMCA CEO Chris Stenberg. “But it’s a real experience and the connections they have with each other and the memories that they made together when they were here.”

Those memories are of the vast number of activities available at Lake Nebagamon.

“I like kayaking, I like swimming, fishing is one of my favorites also, field games and the lodge of course, and that’s each of my favorites, yeah,” Camper Veronica Acurero said.

Some have grown with the camp, like Eisenmann. She started off as a camper 20 years ago, before becoming a junior counselor, counselor, and now director of the camp.

“There’s a lot of aspects that are still the same,” she said.

“I have moments where I remember like running down to Fraser cabin to put my backpack away and I have moments where I can remember sitting at a picnic table and getting ready for lunch.”

And those images have withstood the test of time, as the Y continues to help children develop socially.

“Working on emotion management and developing relationships and communication and safety, y’know they’re in the water a lot,” said Stenberg.

“Kids need to get outdoors, and one of my favorite things about camp is we put the devices away and so this is a real experience at a real place.”

Every year Eisenmann has seen people come back to camp, getting face to face with friends that have lasted a lifetime.

“This summer we’ve had friendships grow, of people, or kids that go to different schools that never would have met if they didn’t come to camp and they’re leaving camp and calling each other best friends,” she said.

And those bonds push campers, like Acurero, to get more involved.

“All the counselors throughout the summer have been so kind and generous and loving to me and all my friends so I want to do the same for new campers that come.”

To make more memories at their summer home away from home.

“It’s a gem, it’s a true gem, that does a lot for the community,” Eisenmann said.

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